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While spending a week in Williamsburg, VA I took a class on how to make homemade body scrubs and foot scrubs.  I was so excited I immediately went to the store to purchase all of the necessary supplies to make scrubs as Christmas presents for all of the females in my family.  They loved them.  Then a good friend of mine introduced me to essential oils and I became a Wellness Advocate.  I started using them and learned all about the benefits from using the oils. 


My sister talked me into selling my scrubs at a craft show/yard sale in her community and I sold quite a few.  My business, RJean Essentials, has taken off ever since. From scrubs to soaps and everything else in between.  I love making all natural homemade bath and body products just for you.  There is nothing more I enjoy when I see a smile upon a person’s face when they smell my products or tell me they have used my products in the past and have become a repeat customer.


RJean Essentials was established in 2015 to provide natural homemade pampering products just for you! The products will leave you feeling and smelling fresh, clean, and amazing!

RJean Essentials' goal is to offer handmade bath and body products at a reasonable price using the best natural ingredients that will bring a smile to your face.

Mini Cargo Van
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