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Our set consist of a shower gel along with a bath puff and contains all natural ingredients.  The color of the bath puff may vary.


Amber Romance - Sandalwood, amber, musk and vanilla blend to create an enticing and seductive body wash.


April Showers - The Chamomile Extract in this body wash adds extra conditioning and cleansing benefits. The jojoba beads add a gentle exfoliate to leave your skin soft and smooth.


Bourbon & Vanilla - Enjoy the light scent of madagascar vanilla, cedarwood, musk and lemon with smooth, hydrated skin.


Energize - Made with orange & ginger essential oils.  Orange essential oil invigorates and uplifts while the ginger essential oil energizes your senses.


Lavender - This body wash is formulated with gentle glycerin and vitamin E to richly moisturize skin.


Lemongrass - Apricot seed powder, wheat germ oil and lemongrass essential oil give this body wash that extra edge that differs it from other body washes. The apricot seed powder gently scrubs away dirt and grime while the wheat germ oil keeps skin moisturized. Lemongrass essential oil provides the finishing touch with a refreshing zip of lemon and its believed antimicrobial and deodorant properties.


8 oz plastic bottle



****Disclaimer****RJean Essentials products and statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products and/or the opinions on this site are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

Bath & Shower Gel & Bath Puff Set

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