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Our Soap Scrubby Bags are made with 100% polyester yarn. Hand crocheted and comes in several different colors.

Fits our handmade soap bars perfectly.


If you like exfoliating your skin then you will love these Soap Scrubby Bags. Instead of trying to use a wash rag that slips out of your hand and is hard to control. Use one of these Soap Scrubby Bags. Stick your favorite bar of soap in it and watch it lather up to a creamy and luxurious lather. It will not fall out of your hand and will exfoliates your skin.

NOTE: Please take the soap out of the bag every time, especially if using with goat milk soap. Goat milk soap needs to stay out of wet bags and out of puddled water. So, take your time and take the bar of soap out of the bag. It will get soft on you if you do not.


Color may vary. You may contact us to see if we have the color of your choice in stock.

Soap Scrubby Bags

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